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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Darkorbit Ranking system

Darkorbit players in addition to different levels can have also ranks. The highest rank is General and the lowest is basic space pilot. There is only one General per every company (and you know that there are only three companies in the game).

If you want to climb to the top of the career ladder you must be an active player and have high enough skills. It's always a good decision to join a power clan.

Here is the list of the ranks (and how many percents of players get each rank):

1 General (max. 1 per company)
2 Basic General (0,01%)
3 Chief Colonel (0,10%)
4 Colonel (0,50 %)
5 Basic Colonel (1,00%)
6 Chief Major (1,50%)
7 Major (2,00%)
8 Basic Major (2,50%)
9 Chief Captain (3,00%)
10 Captain (3,50%)
11 Basic Captain (4,00%)
12 Chief Lieutenant (4,50%)
13 Lieutenant (5,00%)
14 Basic Lieutenant (6,00%)
15 Chief Sergeant (7,00%)
16 Sergeant (8,00%)
17 Basic Sergeant (9,00%)
18 Chief Space Pilot (10,0%)
19 Space Pilot (12,39%)
20 Basic Space Pilot (20,00%)

The rank calculation formula is extremly complex, it involves almost everything you've done in the game, including player/NPC kills, quests, level, etc.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Darkorbit: joining clans...

You need to have 50,000 credits for joining a clan, that's sad. But from the other hand, it means that clans will not be oversaturated. Making the 50,000 credits isn’t a difficult task though.

It's a really good idea to join a clan as soon as possible, especially when you're a relatively new player. Clans add to Darkorbit some social elements, when you can chat with other players, help them (and they help you too) and of course fight together against enemies, what gives you much more fun.

Some clans are large elite ones, it's very difficult to get into them. If you're a new player try to find a smaller clan, but it has to be active.

Many more experienced clan members will gladly answer your questions if you have them, so participating in clans will help you to fast start your gaming experience. Sometimes other clan members will help you also with credits, but don't abuse them or you'll be dropped very soon.

But the most funny part of being a clan member is when you're fighting together against NPCs and human enemies.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to repair your ship when damaged

To repair your ship use a repair bot if the last is not destroyed. You can buy it in the hangar, just under "extras".

Use repair bot any number of times by clicking on the repair button located in the "extras" section. Repairing do takes some time and if you attacked during repairing the process will be interrupted.

It is wise to watch for your HP often, because if it reaches zero your ship will be destroyed. Then you have only two choices - to buy a new ship or to repair the old one for 500 uridium.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The truth about so-called uridium cheats/tricks

There are some "hints" in some places that say: text "big some_number"... And they usually tell you that you'll get from 5,000 to even million uridium credits for this.

They are liers!

Do not do it because you will be paying 1.50 for 5000 uri but you will not get it (they get it, because "some_number" is their account id), so they only get uridium credits, not you.

Only send a text to bigpoint if you got the number from the bigpoint payment screen which you will find under "credits" on darkorbit.

-=Submitted by: david=-

Darkorbit Tips


A few tips to save some cash:

MINDTREADER recommends:
-- Don't upgrade your ship, just stay with the Phoenix for long enough time.
-- Get a Cloak Type I at the Hangar (costs 500 Uridium).
-- First take all the mining quests and save your credits.
-- Regulary offload your raw ore when you run out of cargo space.
-- Save for last the mining quest that requires you to harvest 300 ore in 10 minutes.

* If your ship is destroyed, the next one is free as long as you don't upgrade. You lose no equipment, no experience, no ore, no Uridium to replace your lost ship.
* Of course, if you want to have a more interesting game, by all means, spend real money when the banking doubler or tripler available, of course.

Another Guide
-First, choose venus as your company when you sign up.
-next, go to quests and do the easy prometium quest.
-click start.
-find red rocks until you see 20/20 on the top right hand corner.
-go to trade. find a cloaking device. buy it for 500 uridium.
-keep doing the raw material quests until you can do no more.
-now get tough.
-get the 10 lordakia quest. when you defeat a lordakia , a glowing thing should appear.
-click on the glowing thing.
-go to labratory.
-make one green rock and one pink rock. sell them repeat until you finished the quest.
-when you can buy a drone, do it. Attatch a laser to the drone.
-save up uridium for a 5000 uridium ship.
-now do whatever you want.

There are hidden maps on dark orbit. To find them, follow this guide.
But don't do this unless you have a bigboy, a vengence or goliath.
Go to map x-4.You will find a jumpgate in between two other ones. go through it.
Next, go to the center jumpgate. (You will find that you can not see it on the map that pops up afteryou jump) go through it.
You are in a secret map!
Explore but beware! The jumpgates do not offer protection!

Monday, June 15, 2009

DarkOrbit - I really love this game!

I'm playing it now for a few hours and I literally can't stop playing it!

This game is so amazingly addictive, I even decided to post this fan message.

I fight for Earth.

Maybe all women are from Venus and all men are from Mars, but I'm from Planet Earth.

OK, I must stop raving now... I must destroy that "streyneur" and pick up some bonuses.

See You Later!